Gryphon Katsu Illustration


Commission Process

All commission payments are taken via PayPal or Square. I do not accept any other form of payment. If you have issues with PayPal or Square, contact me at and we'll discuss individually.

Commissions must be paid for in full by the time the sketch is completed. You may request to place a hold on payment until then, but I will not complete your commission until full payment is received.

I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason.

If a refund is desired, you may request it up through receiving the sketch. (Before I begin linework.)

All commission sales are final after the sketch has been approved except under specific case-by-case scenarios.

All commissioners will be sent work-in-progress updates at the following points:

  • sketch

  • color/shading (Completed)

You are free to ask for more updates, such as with line art.

Please do not ask me about commissions until 7 days have passed without an update. I am typically busy running errands and taking care of things and while I do not like to make people wait, things sometimes get in the way.

Once the colored/completed piece is approved, it will be posted to my gallery. All commissioners will be sent a full-size image that will be roughly 2000x2000 px max. An FA-friendly 1280x1280px will be sent as well. Commissioners are allowed to repost the image as long as it is linked back to myself and the post I make. I ask that the FA-friendly size be posted.

Under no circumstances may a commissioner edit or modify my artwork in any way.

This includes, but is not limited to--

  • Re-coloring

  • Tracing over my lines/sketch

  • Removing my watermark

Should a commissioner who initially paid for sketch or linework and they want to have it lined/colored, then they are required to go through me to do so. My reasoning for this is that it will ensure that the art will be completed to the highest quality, since I have access to the original file(s). It's only fair to both the artist and the commissioner; the highest quality art possible will be posted to both my gallery (my public portfolio) and you will receive a higher quality image for your own personal gallery.

Things I will not draw

  • Underage characters in fetish scenarios

      • DO NOT ask me to draw this. This is the quickest way to getting blocked. All commission requests featuring underage characters will be ignored and you will be placed on my blocklist.

  • Non-consensual scenarios

  • Incest

  • Baby/diaper furs

  • Extreme bondage

  • Hyper

  • Muscle Furs

  • Pregnancy

  • Water Sports

Regarding my characters

I am generally okay with my fursonas being used in art, but please ask me if it is okay first. This is especially true for scenarios involving vore. I will not draw sexual situations with them (genitals exposed). All my other OCs are generally okay for art, though.


All commissions are by default flat colors with shading.

Work Schedule

I will attempt to follow this as closely as I can:

M/W/Th - Commissions/Owed Work

Sa/Su - Personal Pieces

I will stream commissioned work at If you do not want your piece streamed or wish for it to be private PLEASE let me know beforehand.